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1. The journal “Proceedings of higher educational establishments. Energy problems” has a thematic focus and publishes articles, reviews, brief scientific reports, information messages (hereinafter – the article) on fundamental and applied problems of energy.
2. The journal publishes the results previously published and is not intended for simultaneous publication elsewhere.
3. Directed sponsored materials must meet the requirements of the Rules of submission of manuscripts for the journal “Proceedings of higher educational establishments. Energy problems”.
4. The journal publishes only articles recommended by the editorial board of the journal.
5. The members of the editorial board of the relevant scientific organizing reviewing incoming articles are responsible for the quality of the review.
6. A reviewer appointed by the editorial board, giving a reasoned opinion on the scientific novelty, the practical value of the work performed and the appropriateness of its publication in the specific section of the magazine.
7. The duration of the review may not exceed one month from the date of receipt of the article.
8. If the opinion of the reviewer or a member of the editorial board, supervising the appropriate scientific field, the need to finalize the article, she returned to the authors.
9. Submitting articles for revision does not mean that the article is accepted for publication. The modified version of the article, along with the author’s response to the comments shall be reviewed by the reviewer to assess the possibility of its publication.
10. Articles received positive feedback reviewer and approved by the Editorial Board, accepted for publication.
11. In case of a negative feedback to the revised version of the article the Editorial Board may send the manuscript to another reviewer to re-review it.
12. The decision to include an article in a magazine or rejecting it is taken by the Editorial Board based on the submission of a member of the editorial board based on reviews.
13. If the publication of an article on the members of the editorial board of any dispute, the decision taken at a meeting of the editorial board of a simple vote. With an equal number of votes, the chief editor is crucial.
14. In the case of rejection the author of the article is sent to the decision of the editorial board with a justification for refusal and a copy of the review.
15. Reviewers stay anonymous. The reviewer has the right to personal contact with authors.